TRANSFORuM project is being implemented by the University of Gdansk in partnership with the consortium Rupprecht Consult - Forschung & Beratung GmbH. TRANSFORuM is run by a consortium of well-connected but independent and experienced policy advisers and researchers from across Europe, who offer a fresh approach to this task. TRANSFORuM concept is based on the proven process of extensive consultation between the parties, especially those that implement innovative transport policy.

TRANSFORuM will contribute to the transformation of the European transport system towards more competitiveness and resource-efficiency. It does so by engaging key stakeholders in carefully moderated forum activities and through other consultation measures in order to identify their views about the challenges, barriers, trends, opportunities and win-win potentials in shaping the future European transport system.

Transforum project is to contribute to the following four key objectives set out in the White Paper:

Goal 1: To halve the use of ‘conventionally fuelled’ cars in urban transport by 2030; phase them out of cities by 2050; achieve CO2-free city logistics in major urban centres by 2030
Goal 3: 30% of road freight over 300 km should shift to other modes such as rail or waterborne transport by 2030, and more than 50 % by 2050, facilitated by efficient and green freight corridors. To meet this goal will also require appropriate infrastructure to be developed.
Goal 4: By 2050, complete a European high-speed rail network. Triple the length of the existing high-speed rail network by 2030 and maintain a dense railway network in all Member States. By 2050 the majority of medium-distance passenger transport should go by rail.
Goal 8: By 2020, establish the framework for a European multimodal transport information, management and payment system.

The project’s key outputs will be a dovetailed set of the following documents, all of which will be based on stakeholder input and written with a clear focus on practical and political relevance:

  1. Roadmaps will show feasible pathways for reaching short-to mid-term goals (to 2030). Their target audience includes companies, technology platforms, research and innovation communities, public sector organisations and the European Commission itself as an important catalyst for action.
  2. Recommendations to translate the technical and thematic information of the roadmaps into concrete steps to be taken by policy makers, industry leaders, NGOs and other decision makers.
  3. A detailed strategic outlook with a long-term perspective (2030-2050). It will replicate the structure of the roadmap but will have a “vision” character, illustrating a possible European transport system of 2050.

Detailed information about the project:

Project TRANSFORuM at the University is managed by Ernest Czermański, Ph.D., from the Institute of Maritime Transport and Seaborne Trade, tel. +48 58 523 13 36, fax. +48 58 523 13 89, e-mail: