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Information for students

Intercultural communication - schedule

16.05. presentations on communication and advertising

- 20 minutes for a team


- during your presentation you can show up to 5-6 TV commercials that were shown on TV in your chosen country, preferably, these commercial should be prepared exclusively for that market or adapted with culture specific change

- please use the models of culture to interpret the commercials and try to verify cultural appeals at the ad level

- you can use the literature to describe interactions and advertising in selected countries, please look for some papers on cultural appeals in advertising in the selcted countries

- typical features of adverts in the chosen country, appeals, presented values, how to store information, etc.

- the prospect of adaptation of corporate advertising on select markets and regional advertising companies

- What types of products are offered? exclusive / religious advertising or translation, most used mass communication channels

style of communication: understanding basic communication principles in selected country, verbal communication style, basic and basic grammar, contextual understanding, wrong speech, metaphor, visual addressee, punctuality, proxemics, touch, artifacts)


23.05. Simulation of intercultural negotiations (please do not prepare ppt presentations. Please read literature on typical behaviors of negotiators from the chosen country and be prepared for a role play)



- deadline for group projects (paper and electronical versions)

- final test (on a base of handouts, lectures, classes and groups presentations)

- presentations on a role of women and religion in business

15 min. for a team

- using knowledge (not duplication) from previous presentations on models of culture and communication
- using literature describing results of
researches in selected countries

- contents: The dominant religion and its importance, the importance of religious customs and practices and their impact on the organization and conduct of business meetings, the role of women in business (their level of education, professional activity, participation in higher management and entrepreneurship), the approach to women in business dealings with other countries

- additionally, you can use: https://unstats.un.org/unsd/gender/downloads/WorldsWomen2015_report.pdf; http://www3.weforum.org/docs/GGGR16/WEF_Global_Gender_Gap_Report_2016.pdf

Guidlines for group projects 2017 (30% of a final mark)

 Title: Cultural guide for doing business in [chosen country] 

 Countries: Greece, Japan, Denmark, United Arab Emirates

Form: Essay number of pages: 15-20 

Deadline: paper version - May 30th, electronic version - May 30th k.balandynowicz@ug.edu.pl

 Topics that should be covered:

 1. Verbal and non-verbal communication in the [chosen country]

 2. [Chosen country]’s culture in models of culture - please include all discussed models and give your own business related examples

 3. Culture in advertising in [chosen country] - please summarize

 4. Negotiations and business meetings in [chosen country]

 5. Role of women in business in [chosen country]

 6. Role of religion in business in [chosen country] 

7. Conclusions and key recommendations

 Criteria of assessment: 

 1. The quality of own examples and conclusions

 2. Completeness of the project (all topics covered, all cultural models included)

3. Including at least 5 scientific articles from journals, where the chosen country’s culture is described

 4. Own work, without text copied directly from other sources

 5. Quality of used sources and used data (please provide the sources in footnotes)

 6. Formal elements (adjusted text, figures with titles and sources, no spelling mistakes, footnotes)


 7. Coherence (models of culture used in other chapters, the same information is not repeated several times, the information is not contradictory)

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