Bachelor Studies Full-time studies MSG: International Finance and Banking (in Polish)

The graduate has knowledge of:

  • activities of markets and financial instruments,
  • company financing,
  • international finance, insurance, capital markets,
  • risk management methods at the bank,
  • functioning of banks and investment funds.

The graduate acquires the skills of:

  • analyzing financial data,
  • analyzing activities undertaken by banks and financial institutions,
  • choosing the right method of financing business and hedging against financial risk.

Learning outcomes and employment prospects:

  • The International Finance and Banking specialization prepares for work in domestic and international entities: in banks, capital market institutions, including stock exchanges, in brokerage houses, rating agencies, investment funds, pension and venture capital funds, corporate financial and accounting centers, as well as domestic and international financial advisory, consulting and auditing institutions. Many graduates work in the financial departments of manufacturing, service and commercial companies. This specialization also prepares students to run own business and manage its financing. 

Specialization courses:

  • Corporate banking
  • Investment banking
  • The international market of debt financial instruments
  • Risk in the bank
  • Investment funds on the international market
  • Credit risk of enterprises
  • Insurance market
  • Taxes in business
  • E-business in the global economy
  • Psychology in finance
  • Business case analysis