Bachelor Studies Full-time studies Economics: Economics of transport and logistics (in Polish)

Economics of Transport and Logistics is one of the essential aspects of contemporary business environment, equally important as production technology, management, banking, finances and accounting. This is a sector of economy that functions according to unified international rules and standards, develops dynamically and has a big impact on innovation processes in economy.

Every tenth employee works in this sector. The Specialisation of Transport and Logistics is run in line with European standards. It prepares students for jobs in transport companies, logistics sector companies and sections of other companies responsible for logistic support for their main line of business, economic and financial analysis and creating economic strategies, and for the companies' own transport operations.

The graduates are well prepared for jobs in business, central and local administration, as well as in research institutes. The BA graduates acquire a thorough knowledge of general economics, a specialist knowledge of transport and logistics, including the characteristics of transport technologies and infrastructure, transport economics, the rudiments of logistics, logistics systems, economics of transport companies, the EU transport regulations, the structure of the TFL sector, transport markets research and methods of transport economic analysis.

The MA graduates possess an advanced general knowledge of economics and a specialist knowledge of advanced methods and instruments for analysing trends in this sector, transportation policy instruments, shaping human resources and labour market, innovation processes, planning infrastructure development, modelling logistics systems and optimisation of logistics processes.