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Studying ECONOMICS broadens your knowledge of the world we live in and helps to understand economic and social processes that occur in it. The Faculty of Economics offers 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-degree (BA, MA and PhD respectively) studies in economics. In accordance with the Bologna system of education, the 1st degree graduates of other fields may carry on their 2nd-degree studies in economics. Students are required to learn two foreign languages. They also have an opportunity to study at one of several dozen foreign universities under the Erasmus programme.

Students have access to the library with its vast collection of textbooks, to the Internet (also wireless) and to the dealing room , where they learn how to make foreign exchange transactions in real time. Since 2008, they have had an opportunity to use the specialised Thomson Reuters Data Suite Suite lab and obtain Thomson Reuters certificate. They can broaden their interests in numerous scientific societies.

From the academic year 2010/2011 Faculty offers a new specialisation at MA level - European Economics and Finance, where classes are held entirely in English ( and also English Language Part-time Doctoral Studies in Economics (