Master Studies Full-time studies Economics: Economic Assessment and Functioning of Enterprises (in Polish)

Economic Assessment and Functioning of Enterprises is a specialisation offered at the 2nd-degree studies oriented at teaching theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship, particularly specific activities of business entities. This specialisation consists of two complementary segments of managerial knowledge.
Economic assessment is a skill of studying past economic conditions, structures and changeabilities, assessing their meaning, and using them to create an information base for the accomplishment of defined goals of activity. Functioning of enterprises is a knowledge of mechanisms that make it possible to achieve these goals in future environment business entities shall operate in.
An ambition of the specialisation is to meet - through its didactic processes – the requirements and realities of economic practice. Therefore, the "assessment" segment presents the specificity of economic/financial and market/marketing research and analyses, while the "functioning" segment deals mainly with management skills and creating behaviours, and making managerial decisions in enterprises.