Numer 21 / 2006

Prace i Materiały Instytutu Handlu Zagranicznego nr 21



Institute of International Business has undertaken the initiative to publish the results of the research on different aspects of transformation process in Poland as well as in Central and Eastern European countries. This book comprises 19 papers which are based on research work carried out mainly by staff of the Institute of International Business.

Redaktor: prof. Joanna Pietrzak
Recenzent: prof. Stanisław Ładyka (Warsaw School of Economics)
Rada Naukowa: Prof. Borisas Melnikas (Vilnius Technological University), Prof. Janusz Neider (Uniwersytet Gdański), Prof. Bernd Reissert (Fachhochschule für Technik Und Wirtschaft)
Wydawca Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, Sopot 2006

Spis artykułów:

Anna Barbara Kisiel-Łowczyc, Selected aspects of competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region countries

Przemysław Kulawczuk, Economic benefits of moving manufacturing from European Union to Central European Countries in pre-accession period. Sensitivity of tax and labor cost savings to contributing factors

Ewa Oziewicz, Foreign direct Investment in Polish economy

Sylwia Pangsy-Kania, Innovativeness of Polish economy in the context of Lisbon Strategy
Michael Klug, Market entry strategies of German firms entering the Polish market

Krystyna Żołądkiewicz, Poland-Australia economic relations

Urszula Opacka, Conduct of Polish monetary policy – transition to direct inflation targeting

Eugeniusz Gostomski, Process of restructuring Polish banking system

Magdalena Markiewicz, Foreign capital in the consolidation experience of banking sectors in Poland and countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Joanna Pietrzak, The origins and present state of private banking in Poland

Hanna Treder, Structural changes on the Polish insurance market

Sławomir Antkiewicz, The evolution of investment funds in Poland

Karolina Klecha, The development of venture capital and private equity market in Poland

Monika Szmelter, The development of OTC derivatives market in Poland

Iwona Sobol, Factoring as a tool of financing of Polish exporters

Aleksandra Ruchniewicz, Depositary Receipts – the way of acquiring foreign capital by Polish companies

Anna Maria Nikodemska-Wołowik, The role of Corporate Identity and image in Polish business

Joanna Bednarz, History of brands In Poland

Katarzyna Bałandynowicz-Panfil, Labour market transition – opportunities and problems for women