T-shirt photo contest

Posted on 2018-01-22

The tenth edition of the competition is underway!

We invite all of the students and this year’s graduates of Faculty of Economics to participate in the competition! Photos taken in a T-shirt with the logo of the Faculty of Economics in an interesting and characteristic place outside of Poland are very welcome.

The tenth edition of the competition will end on March 31, 2018.

Regulations of the "Photo from holiday in Faculty of Economic’s T-shirt" competition (winter edition 2017/2018):

  1. The Faculty of Economics logo t-shirt can be picked up (for free and without the need to return from the Dean's office), room 127,
  2. The student, receiving the t-shirt, informs about the planned destination of his trip (the organizers reserve the restriction of participation in the competition in the case of repeated destination places of travel),
  3. By collecting the shirt, the student signs an obligation to send at least 2 pictures with his own image (to be chosen by the organizers) by e-mail to the following address: we@ug.edu.pl (they can be made in one place), however, the student renounces the property copyright to them in favor of the Faculty of Economics. The photo must also be shared on Facebook, where the Faculty's website and contest participant must be marked, along with the registration on the Faculty of Economics website and the hashtag #KoszulkaWEUG2017
  4. Pictures should be made in the right convention in a characteristic place
  5. (in the photo there should be a person in a t-shirt with the Faculty of Economics’ logo visible on the back - examples of photos in the results of previous editions of the competition),
  6. One student can take and send photos from more than one place,
  7. The student agrees to place the picture on the Faculty of Economics website, add a photo to the competition's album on the Faculty's Facebook page and possibly use it for other purposes (eg photo gallery, presentations, etc.),
  8. The student sends a signed photo:
    a.    name and surname, email address and telephone number,
    b.    the place where the picture was taken,
  9. The author's data is not provided on the website or in the information materials of the Faculty of Economics,
  10. After sending the photo, it will be placed on the website of the Faculty of Economics (students section),
  11. The picture can not be processed in the graphic program,
  12. The deadline for sending photos on October 30 in the summer edition and March 31 in the edition of the winter competition. You can win: computer accessories and attractive departmental gadgets (eg laptop pad, travel sets, luggage scale, wall clock, backpack, smartphone armbands and others...).
  13. Voting for individual photos will end on November 30 (in the summer edition) and on April 30 (in the winter edition).
  14. The winner of the competition will be those who receive the most likes and reactions under their photo on Facebook with a hashtag #KoszulkaWEUG2017. The person with the most likes and reactions wins. The competition commission has the right to nominate additional photos for distinctions.
  15. The results of the competition will be posted on the Faculty of Economics website, Facebook website, and the authors of the winning photos will be informed via email.
  16. The competition is cyclical. Students going to study abroad as part of exchanges in the Erasmus program can also participate in the competition!

Photos from previous editions of the competition: