Open Economic Lectures

Posted on 2020-02-07

We invite high school students and anyone interested to take part in Open Economic Lectures conducted by experienced academic lecturers.


Are you interested in your future? Come, listen and take part in the first edition of Open Economic Lectures.

Economics is the future for the ambitious, creative, responsible and curious of the world.

Do you want to be a specialist in the field of managing financial, human and material resources? Check out Open Economic Lectures.

If you want to develop scientifically, come and listen. Or maybe you think about money and its meaning? Discover the path to maximizing profits.

Are you preparing for subject Olympics related to economics, finance, entrepreneurship? You have the opportunity to participate in Open Economic Lectures and broaden your knowledge.


Do you want to know more about economics - sign up!

The lectures are conducted in Polish.



The first lecture on February 20, 2020 (Thursday) from 17.00 to 18.30

We invite you to the Faculty of Economics, Sopot, ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121, Aula A



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