The meeting of the Board of Experts

Posted on 2019-11-18

On November 14, 2019, another meeting of the Board of Experts of the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk was held. The meeting place was the "Forest and Park" conference room on the 32nd floor of the Olivia Star building.

The participants were welcomed by: Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Professor Monika Bšk and Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, Professor Krzysztof Bielawski.

The theme of the meeting was "Social responsibility of science vs. business experience in the field of CSR". In the substantive part of the meeting there were two speeches regarding the social responsibility of science. The University of Gdańsk as an entity involved in promoting the idea of social responsibility is a signatory to the University's Declaration of Social Responsibility, which emphasizes the importance of cooperation between the scientific community and business. The science and business partnership is the basis for the development of innovation and awareness of environmental protection, which was also indicated in the Strategy for Responsible Development. Dilemmas related to the implementation of the idea of social responsibility cause the need to discuss how its principles are and can be implemented in the activities of universities. The purpose of the meeting was therefore to identify opportunities for the development of scientific research and implementation works, integration of the local community with academic centers and sharing observations, experiences and good practices by business representatives associated within the Council of Experts of the Faculty of Economics.


The Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Professor Monika Bšk drew attention to the perception of the university's social responsibility as its third mission, right after science, research and education. Ms. Dean pointed out areas in which social responsibility is possible to implement, marking the problem for discussion - are universities to share the idea of social responsibility, or is it the role of business? What is the difference between the social responsibility of science and corporate social responsibility? What role does organizational culture play in this aspect?

Special guest of the meeting of the Board of Experts, Mr. Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, prof. dr. hab. Krzysztof Bielawski shared his reflections on the essence of the university's social responsibility, referring to the process of inclusion of the third mission in the university's activities, as well as to the projects under Horizon 2020. Mr. Vice-Rector noted that just two years earlier, on November 16 2017 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Development in Warsaw, Declaration of Social Responsibility was signed by the University of Gdańsk among 23 universities. For these universities, this means implementing a strategy that takes into account social interests, environmental protection and cooperation with the environment. The manifestation of this concept is running the University of the Third Age, Children's University, promoting implementation doctorates. Mr. Vice-Rector Krzysztof Bielawski also emphasized the need to implement the idea of social responsibility by the university, e.g. by teaching students what responsibility is, what ethics in business is. Professor emphasized that the university should be and is socially involved, and social responsibility is an important part of the strategy of the University of Gdańsk.

The next point of the meeting was an expert panel "What experiences in the field of CSR can business share with the university?"

The issues raised met with great interest, and the multidimensional discussion with the participation of the participants of the meeting indicated their significance. The debate was attended by:

  • Professor KRZYSZTOF BIELAWSKI, Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, University of Gdańsk,
  • Mr BARTŁOMIEJ GLINKA, President of the Board, Omida Group,
  • Mr MACIEJ KOTARSKI, Leasing Director, Olivia Business Center,
  • Professor BARBARA PAWŁOWSKA, Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk,
  • Mr RAFAŁ STEPNOWSKI, Director of Government Affairs, Boeing International Corporation - Poland Branch,
  • Ms JOWITA ZIELINKIEWICZ, Director of the Innovation and Fund Acquisition Department, the Port of Gdansk Authority.      

The panelists emphasized the essence of corporate social responsibility. Besides, the evolution in understanding the concept of social responsibility was also noted. The university should maximize its agenda so that graduates are taught what social responsibility is, about responsible leadership, cooperation for the local environment, creating an ecosystem that would support sustainable life of an individual and society.

The sources of corporate social responsibility and science are the same. The speakers also emphasized the benefits of cooperation with universities, such as building up a positive image of the company, participation in joint projects, events and scientific ventures or acquiring talents. Business representatives pointed out good practices and business examples, as well as problems and challenges associated with undertaking projects to create the principles of social responsibility, including supporting diversity, labor charity, or actions to improve quality of life in cities.

The meeting was moderated by dr Magdalena Markiewicz, Vice-Dean for Development and Cooperation with Business.

The Vice-Dean thanked the members of the Board of Experts for an active and multidimensional discussion on the social responsibility of science and business. Questions formulated in the speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Professor Monika Bšk, received many answers, and the purpose of the meeting in the form of outlining cooperation prospects was achieved. The subject aroused keen interest. Conversations were continued during unofficial discussions, and many new concepts and initiatives were created.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to admire the panorama of Gdansk from the 32th floor of the Olivia Star building, which was met with great interest of guests. The meeting was another proof of effective cooperation of the Faculty of Economics with representatives of the economic environment.