Joanna Kuczewska, Habilitated doctor

Posted on 2020-10-17

Submitting an application: May 11th, 2020

Abstract: Polish version

Habilitation commission:

  • Chairman of the commission: Professor Marian Gorynia - Poznań University of Economics and Business
  • Reviewer: Bogusław Plawgo, Associate Professor - University of Bialystok
  • Reviewer: Danuta Kisperska-Moroń, Associate Professor - University of Economics in Katowice
  • Reviewer: Arkadiusz Michał Kowalski, Associate Professor - SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Reviewer: Professor Jerzy Bieliński - professor emeritus
  • Member of the commission: Professor Krzysztof Szałucki - University of Gdansk
  • Secretary of the commission: Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek, Associate Professor - University of Gdansk


The schedule of the habilitation procedure:

Initiation of the procedure: May 14th, 2020

Giving approval for carrying out the procedure by the Economics and Finance Science Council of the University of Gdansk: May 27th 2020

Setting up the habilitation commission: October 22nd, 2020

Resolution of the habilitation commission containing the opinion on the award of the degree of habilitated doctor: February 23rd, 2021

Resolution of the Economics and Finance Science Council of the University of Gdansk on awarding/refusing the degree of habilitated doctor: March 18th, 2021