International Economy of Management

Description of the International Economy of Management specialization.


The International Economy of Management specialization in International Economic Relations is conducted by a team of researchers of the Department of Global Economy and the Chair of Macroeconomics.


As part of the International Economy of Management specialization, we offer students a look at the economy, enterprises and other economic organizations from the manager point of view. Lectures, classes, and seminars focus on the analysis the business conditions and factors affecting market success. The program includes issues related to organizational and financial aspects of business management, personnel management, manager's role - leaders in setting strategic goals and the process of their implementation. The activity of business entities is shown taking into account the background of changes taking place on the contemporary international market.


During the course in addition to traditional forms, such as lecture and discussion, there are used case studies, simulations and economic games as well. It improves critical thinking skills and combines theory with practical knowledge.


Competences and skills acquired by the student allows to play leadership roles in organizations, manage teams of employees and take positions required high level of responsibility.


Acquired knowledge after gaining the necessary experience will facilitate the work as a middle and senior manager in enterprises, financial institutions, private, local government and state organizations, as well as managing your own business.