Bachelor Degree in International Business is a full-time undergraduate program

International Business studies are one of a kind and will give their participants access to exceptional knowledge and expertise about strategic and global business management, marketing, financial issues as well as specific insights into business system. Thus, these programs will offer students comprehensive understanding of the complexities in the field of international business.

  • Final degree: licencjat*
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Duration of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • ECTS: 180


*In accordance with § 3 point 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 1st September 2011 on professional titles granted to graduates, the conditions for issuing and necessary elements of diplomas and a postgraduate diploma, as well as the model of the supplement (Journal of Law No. 196, item. 1167) the graduates of the first degree of studies award a title LICENCJAT (licencjat degree).


In accordance with § 1.5 of the Ordinance of the Rector of the University of Gdansk No. 55/R/15 of 3rd June 2015 on the implementation of translating names of organizational units, functions, job positions as well as professional titles, academic degrees and titles into English, in the case of translations of degrees on diplomas, awarded professional titles (f. ex. licencjat, magister) are not translated into foreign language.


Semester 1

Foreign Language I604
Mathematics Applications in Economics and Management458
Knowledge Management303
Fundamentals of Law30


Semester 2

Foreign Language I604
Physical Education301
Human Geography303
Information Technologies302

Semester 3

Foreign Language II604
Physical Education301
Descripitive Statistics303
Financial Analysis303
International Economic Relations I608
Civil and Business Law in International Trade303
International Marketing608

Semester 4

Foreign Language II604
International Business Transactions607
Fundamentals of European Integration607
International Business Management303
Marketing Research Methods303
Banking 302
Consumer Behaviour302
Business in the World Markets303
BA Seminar152

Semester 5

International Settlements454
Business Case Studies302
Business Correspondence302
Business Process Management with SAP ERP 302
Market Simulation302
Economy of the Central and Eastern European Countries302
Contemporary Problems of Transport and Logistics302
Sustainable Development - Theory and Practice302
BA Seminar152

Semester 6

Competitiveness and competition policy302
LSEG Academy152
Psychology of Economics301
Project Management-in Search of Excellence302
Tourism and Hospitality Management302
Diplomatic Protocol151
Public Speaking and Business Negotiations302
BA Seminar306