General regulations resulting from Rules of Studies at the University of Gdansk
(STUDY REGULATIONS, Resolution of the Senate No 120/19 of 26 September 2019), http://www.ug.edu.pl,  chapter V Diploma theses and exams regulating general rules of approving supervisors, terms of submitting diploma theses, thesis evaluation and diploma exams.

Detailed principles of carrying out the diploma examination.
Students prepare Bachelor’s theses in the first cycle of studies at Faculty of Economics, and Master’s theses in the second cycle of studies. Master theses are randomly checked by anti-plagiarism software. After submitting the thesis the student takes the diploma examination (Bachelor’s or Master’s). Principles of carrying out the Bachelor’s examination are fixed by the organizational unit (institute, department), which is responsible for realization of a given specialization. The examination board is chaired by the independent researcher of the unit authorized by the dean. Master’s examination is carried out according to Faculty’s principles. Master’s examinations are chaired by the dean or the deputy dean. The examination board consists of the chairperson, the tutor and the reviewer. The student is obliged to answer three questions during the Master’s examination to present knowledge in the scope of the subject matter of the diploma work and subjects connected with the field of studies (in accordance with Rules of Studies at the University of Gdansk, Chapter V, § 42).


Administrative procedures connected with submitting the diploma work, as well as its title page specimen and binding certification statement about independence of the thesis and about conformity of the paper version of the submitted thesis with the electronic version on CD are published on the webpage of Faculty of Economics.



The instruction of preparing diploma theses (Bachelor’s and Master’s) at Faculty of Economics was elaborated to standardize the rules and forms of preparing diploma theses in compliance with standards of studies in the fields of Economics and International Economic Relations, with European and National Qualification Framework, basing on generally accepted principles of creating academic publications and standards of their editing by scientific publishers.


The instructions of preparing diploma theses (Bachelor’s and Master’s) at the Faculty of Economics binding from October 1st, 2018 for students finishing their studies from academic year 2018/2019: