Multiplier Event of Erasmus+ DigiMates project

Posted on 2023-03-29

Multiplier Event of the project "DigiMates: Development of Innovative, Gamified and Interactive Method for Advanced e-Teaching and E-learning of Skills".

On Thursday, March 23, 2023, a meeting was held at the UG Faculty of Economics to summarise the results of the project 'DigiMates: Development of Innovative, Gamified and Interactive Method for Advanced e-Teaching and E-learning of Skills' (Erasmus+ KA226 Partnership for Digital Education Readiness, 2020-1-SI01-KA226-HE-093593). The project was implemented between 2021 and 2023 by an international consortium: the University of Ljubljana as project leader, the University of Gdansk, Heilbronn University (Germany), the University of Leon (Spain), Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey). It refers to the experience and recommendations of The NICE Network (The New Initiative and Challenges in Europe).

The aim of the project was to enhance teachers' skills, based on linking theory and practice, support with digital technologies, and exchange of best practices between different research centres. The project envisaged the implementation of modern technologies as a platform for transforming the conventional learning environment into a digital one.

The project coordinator at the University of Gdansk, dr hab. Joanna Bednarz, prof. UG opened the meeting. She presented the concept and assumptions of the "DigiMates" project. She discussed the 5 main activities carried out in the project:

  1. Creation of a comprehensive, internationally applicable step-by-step guide for the development and maintainability of the quality assurance system in e-learning
  2. Design, testing and deployment of the DigiMates method for game-based learning
  3. Design and delivery of online training for teachers to improve their digital readiness for e-learning and their ability to use gamification as a teaching resource in courses within e-learning models
  4. Developing a security protocol and code of conduct for international academic and professional staff related to virtual mobility
  5. Creation of technical manuals, video and audio tutorials on the use of the DigiMates method

The second part of the meeting concerned the presentation of tasks carried out at the UG Faculty of Economics (IO4). First, Aleksandra Aziewicz Ph.D. summarised the course of the work and the research methods used. Next, Tomasz Michałowski Ph.D. discussed the results concerning the different understanding and perception of gamification and game-based learning by academic teachers at the participating universities. He also detailed the principles and recommendations of the so-called security protocol for students’ and academic teachers’ access to digital learning in an international environment. Przemysław Wysiński, M.Sc., presented proposals for the preparation of a model of a syllabus for a course taught in a digital international environment, with particular emphasis on learning objectives and outcomes. A code of conduct for online classes, including recommendations for appearance, behaviour, communication, technical and safety aspects, taking into account differences in culture, gender, nationality, and religion, was presented by Magdalena Markiewicz Ph.D.
The Multiplier Event gathered a wide range of participants. The scientific staff, employees involved in international exchange, students, representatives of secondary schools, and companies cooperating with the banking, pharmaceutical, and logistics sectors were present.

After the meeting, the Multiplier Event was continued with the students, who were familiarized with the concept and objectives of the game run in a digital international environment.

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