LSEG Research Grant Competition

Do you like analytical research work? Are you interested in scientific research? Are you a student of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk? Do you want to win money and to make your plans and dreams come true? Have a go at the first edition of the LSEG Research Grant Competition!


LSEG Research Grant is a competition for the best research projects for students of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. All you have to do now is to submit an application (on your own or in a team of no more than 3 students) in which you will elaborate on an economic problem of your choice!


Awards:  PLN 10,000  for a team or PLN 6,000 for an individual project (minus taxes).











We are pleased to announce that we have finished the LSEG Research Grant Competitions and selected the winners!

We had the pleasure to listen to the presentations of students whose projects were qualified for the second stage of the LSEG Research Grant Competition. Six projects are awarded in the competition, including three individual projects and three team projects, for which the prizes amounted to PLN 6k and PLN 10k, respectively.

The winners of the competition presented the initial part of their research in front of the members of the competition jury and representatives of LSEG - co-organizer and founder of the LSEG Research Grant Competition! We can say with a great pleasure that the submitted projects are very interesting, and the winners did a great job, were well prepared and presented their research perfectly!

Congratulations to the winners (in order of presentation):

  • Yelizavetta Kompaniiets from International Business undergraduate studies for presenting the intricacies of the merger of two important entities in the US publishing market; project title: "The economic consequences of Mergers & Acquisitions in the publishing industry", the project supervisor is Magdalena Jażdżewska-Gutta, Ph.D.;
  • Paweł Smoliński from undergraduate studies in Economics for showing the possibilities of the TAM model and important psychological constructs determining the acceptance of social media; the title of the project "Identification and assessment of determinants of social media acceptance", the project supervisor is Jacek Winiarski, prof. UG;
  • Martyna Olender from undergraduate studies in the field of International Economic Relations for showing the threats on the food market resulting from the war conflict in Europe and the forces of lobby groups operating on the EU agricultural market; the title of the project "The effectiveness of the European Union's common agricultural policy in counteracting the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine", the project supervisor is Elżbieta Babula, Ph.D.;
  • Dominik Chomczyk and Krystian Siembida from BA studies in Economics and Tomasz Jabłoński from BA studies in International Business for showing the level of knowledge about inflation among students of economic and non-economic faculties and ways of dealing with inflation; project title "Spend or save? Students' attitudes towards money and inflation”, the supervisor of the project is Przemysław Wysiński, MA;
  • Denis Sobol and Yulia Melnyk from Master's studies in Economics for showing the consequences of government subsidies and the assessment of production efficiency on the global cotton market, project title: "Government subsidies on the cotton market - real aid or poverty factor", the project supervisor is Monika Grottel, Ph.D.;
  • Zuzanna Marciniak and Michalina Noga from International Business undergraduate studies for presenting the quantitative consequences of the armed conflict in Europe for the chemical market; the title of the project "Chemical industry in Europe during the crisis caused by Russia: a case study of Grupa Azoty", the supervisor of the project is Magdalena Jażdżewska-Gutta, Ph.D.

The meeting participants:

  • Adamska-Mieruszewska Joanna Ph.D., Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk
  • Dopierała Łukasz Ph.D., Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk
  • Karolina Majowicz-Prager, Team Leader, Talent Acquisition, LSEG
  • Markiewicz Anna, Enterprise Sales Enablement Director, LSEG
  • Mrzygłód Urszula Ph.D., Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk
  • Lewińska-Mach Agnieszka, Senior Manager, Business Operations, LSEG
  • Rudnicki Michał, Regional Content Operations Manager, Fixed Income & Organization Authority, EMEA & Gdynia Co-Site Lead, LSEG
  • Witczak Agata, Human Resources Manager, LSEG










Choose one of our proposals or suggest something of your own! It can be any economic issue of interest to you or something which is part of your bachelor's/master's thesis.


List of suggested topics:

(1) Changes in the financial condition in the selected industry during a pandemic or other turmoil in the financial markets

(2) Modeling impacts of winter-kill (extreme cold temperatures) on Russian wheat production by analyzing historical weather and wheat yields

(3) ESG-driven investments as a global trend. 

(4) Corporate social responsibility of enterprises in the selected industry 

(5) European gas storage dynamic: market vs regulation


More topics and info...





















































Your thesis supervisor or any other lecturer working at the Faculty of Economics





Collect all signatures on the application. E-mail a scan/photo to or submit a paper version in room 220.


Application form










We will select the best projects! And we will pre-qualify them for financing!







If your project is among the winners, start working! You have time until the end of March to complete the study! But in January we want to see what you will have done by then. Prepare a presentation or a poster. Show the preliminary results of your research (perhaps from a pilot study or initial data analysis?) Tell us what you want to do next!                                                                  

You can prepare projects in Polish or in English!

Email all the files to:

Leave the printed posters in room 220.








Let's meet!


Show us the preliminary results of your project! If you have chosen a presentation, prepare a 15-minute speech; if you have a poster, we will be happy to ask some additional questions at the poster session.





If we accept your presentations / posters and you manage to convince us that it's a good idea, congratulations!


Each winning team will get PLN 10,000! And if you did the project yourself, it's PLN 6,000 for you (minus taxes).










In March, send us a report and show us what you managed to do!




Competition partnerRefinitiv (grupa LSEG)








We are pleased to announce that we have evaluated the applications submitted for the LSEG Research Grant Competition. In total, 15 interesting project applications were submitted by students. We would like to thank everyone who decided to accept the challenge 😊 The choice was not easy, but with the votes of the members of the committee that included employees of the Faculty of Economics and LSEG, we chose 6 projects. Below is the list of those who qualified for the next stage of the competition!



  • Yelizaveta Kompaniiets, The economic consequences of Mergers & Acquisitions in publishing industry
  • Martyna Olender, Skuteczność wspólnej polityki rolnej Unii Europejskiej w przeciwdziałaniu kryzysu wywołanego wojną na Ukrainie
  • Zuzanna Marciniak, Michalina Noga, Chemical industry in Europe during crisis caused by Russia: case study of Grupa Azoty
  • Dominik Chomczyk, Tomasz Jabłoński, Krystian Siembida, Wydawać czy oszczędzać? Postawy studentów wobec pieniędzy i inflacji
  • Denis Sobol, Yuliia Melnyk, Subwencje rządowe na rynku bawełny - realna pomoc czy czynnik ubóstwa
  • Paweł Smoliński, Identyfikacja i ocena determinantów akceptacji mediów społecznościowych



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