Refinitiv Academy

Refinitiv Academy is the subject devoted to Eikon product. It is conducted in Polish, as well as in English for students of International Business. By participating in classes, students have the opportunity to confront their knowledge in finance and economics with markets operating in real time. Students  learn the basic principles of financial markets, technical and fundamental analysis, and above all are up to date with the events taking place in the international financial markets. After completing the course, students take the exam prepared by the company and receive Refinitiv Eikon Certification, which confirms high level of product knowledge. Course is conducted with educational materials provided by Thomson Reuters.


Refinitiv Academy - course program



Refinitiv Academy 1:

Introduction to the Eikon. Key Components and Data (introduce, data range in service, using "help" tool)


Refinitiv Academy 2:

Searching for Data and News (data searching, news, fundamental and economic data, using tools like: Reuters Search, Speed Guides)

Refinitiv Academy 3:

Searching for Data and News (searching news and historical data in applications, files saving) 

Refinitiv Academy 4:

Displaying Data and Screen Design (screen design, applications functionality, sreens managing, data linking)


Refinitiv Academy 5:

Analysing data using charts (introduce to Chart, creating charts, adding indicators, trend analyze)


Refinitiv Academy 6:

Retrieving Data in Excel using Thomson Reuters Eikon (real-time data transfer to Excel, possibility to get fundmanetal data of companies) 


Refinitiv Academy 7:

Using selected calculators. Additional functions of Thomson Reuters Eikon, Google CHrome Extension, Interactive Map, Company Chart View, Social Media Monitor



Refinitiv  Academy 8:

Final assessment - certification