Reviewing rules

The submitted articles will be reviewed by two independent reviewers. In the reviewing procedure, applied by the editorial board of the journal, reviewers and authors of articles do not know their identities (double blind review process). So as to assure anonymity, the articles will be submitted to reviewers without the name or any information that might disclose the identity of the author.


The review of scientific articles in the International Journal of Emerging and Transition Economies takes a written form. The authors are notified of their reviews be e-mail within 10 days from the final date of submitting reviews.


An article is accepted for publication as sent to the editorial board when two positive reviews end with the conclusion of publishing the text without additional changes. In the case of any changes suggested by the reviewers, the authors are supposed to send electronically their texts corrected within 15 days from receiving their reviews. The editorial board reserves itself the right to introduce editorial abbreviations and changes, without consulting them with the authors. The scientific editor makes a final decision about accepting an article.


When too many articles are submitted in a given year, the editorial board reserves itself the right to publish the article in another issue of the journal.


The assessment criteria considered by the include in particular:

  • achievement of the aim assumed by an author,
  • methodological correctness,
  • cognitive value,
  • selection and use of the literature,
  • language and technical details of an article.