Postgraduate Studies

The Institute of International Business organises the following postgraduate studies:

Postgraduate Studies of International Business
International Marketing Postgraduate Programme

1. Postgraduate Studies of International Business

One or two-semester Postgraduate Studies of International Business has been organised by the Institute of International Business at the University of Gdansk since 1975/76 academic year. The Institute has run 55 such courses so far.

The programme of the Studies comprises the following subjects: organisation and techniques in foreign trade, basic marketing, market research methods, trade negotiations and selling techniques, insurance in foreign trade, transport and forwarding in foreign trade, law in foreign trade, international financial settlements, customs issues etc. The Studies is offered to the graduates who completed an MA or BA degree.

Postgraduate studies require covering full tuition fees.

The classes are conducted every fortnight (Friday from 15.00 hours till 20.00 hours, Saturday from 9.15 till 16.15, Sunday from 9.15 till 16.15). To complete the Studium, students are required to obtain credits in the chosen courses, present thesis and pass a final examination.

The graduates receive a certificate. Applications accompanied by a CV, questionnaire, duplicate of university diploma, 2 photographs should be submitted to: The University od Gdansk, Postgraduate Studies of International Business, ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121, 81-824 Sopot, room 332.

Additional information can be obtained from the secretary’s office the Studium phone +48/ 58 550-94-90 or the secretary’s office of the Institute of International Business, phone 48/ 58 551-58-82.

The director of Studies is Hanna Treder PhD.

2. International Marketing Postgraduate Programme

The International Marketing Postgraduate Programme is addressed to all the candidates with the University degree /Bachelor or Master/ interested in such areas, as:

  • Practical knowledge in the role of contemporary enterprises operating in international environment and in the tendencies in global economy,
  • Marketing techniques and tools of market strategy creation in international and cross-cultural competitive environment.

About the Programme

During two semesters the most of classes are based on case studies taken from real market situations. Among the offered subjects are: internationalization strategies, marketing plan, integrated marketing communication, consumer psychology in cross-cultural environment, international and corporate brand management, corporate identity, human resource management, marketing English.

The participants obtain the University of Gdansk Certificate.

The Faculty
The Programme is delivered by the University staff with wide international experience and by the practitioners from leading international companies which operate in Poland and abroad (banks, advertising agencies, corporate identity consultants). The director of the programme: dr Anna Maria Nikodemska-Wolowik., Ph.D. (Institute of International Business).

Secretary room no. 332, Mon. – Fri., 8.00 - 15.30, Faculty of Economics, Sopot, Armii Krajowej Street 119/121
ph.: 58 523 14 90, e-mail:

The total cost (two semesters - PLN 3700).